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The mission of the Medical Research Program is to support the prevention, treatment and cure of human disease.


Grants Awarded

As of December 31, 2014, the Medical Research Program has approved approximately $252 million in grants. View Grants Awarded.

About Doris Duke and Medical Research

Doris Duke was a significant supporter of medical research, making contributions to hospitals and research centers throughout her life. In her will, she expressed her interest in supporting “medical research designed to effectuate cures of major diseases.”

In keeping with the wishes expressed in Doris Duke's will, the Medical Research Program does not fund research that uses animals.


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DDCF Sponsors Nature Outlook in Sickle-Cell Disease

Nature Outlook Sickle-Cell Disease

 Guidelines and Policies

The following document contains important guidelines and policies of the Medical Research Program that may be useful to current and potential grantees.

Guidelines and Policies Document

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