Grant Recipients

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National Park Foundation

Awarded: 6/15/2017

$50,000 over 2 years

To support the Diversity Joint Venture, a partnership to increase the diversity of the conservation workforce.

University of California, Irvine

Awarded: 6/9/2017

$7,500 over 13 months

To support the University of California, Irvine School of Law's Center for Land, Environment, and Natural Resources (CLEANR) to develop a report on state capacity to protect endangered and threatened ...

Keystone Center

Awarded: 5/22/2017

$25,000 over 1 year

To support The Next 100 Coalition: Action to Achieve a More Diverse, Inclusive Public Lands System.

Union of Concerned Scientists, Inc.

Awarded: 5/18/2017

$75,000 over 1 year

To engage, train and build the capacity of scientists to act as spokespeople for the importance of science, evidence-based policy making and environmental quality.

The Nature Conservancy

Awarded: 5/8/2017

$750,000 over 2 years

To support the application of resilience science to the Rocky Mountains, Southwest Deserts and Mississippi Valley regions of the U.S., and to pilot new resilience science approaches to coastal and ...

Council on the Environment, Inc. (GrowNYC)

Awarded: 5/8/2017

$300,000 over 3 years

To support FARMroots, which provides aspiring and established Greenmarket farmers with business technical assistance and training to ensure the long-term viability of participating farms and farmland. 

American Farmland Trust

Awarded: 5/8/2017

$450,000 over 3 years

To support the Hudson Valley Farmlink Network, a partnership of organizations that helps enable the transition of farmland to the next generation of farmers in New York

Natural Areas Conservancy

Awarded: 5/8/2017

$400,000 over 3 years

To support work restoring and conserving New York City's forests and wetlands. 

Public Laboratory For Open Technology And Science, Inc.

Awarded: 3/10/2017

$50,000 over 7 months

To support the establishment of the Environmental Data Governance Initiative and its rapid response work archiving federal climate and environmental data.

Defenders of Wildlife

Awarded: 2/28/2017

$1,200,000 over 1 year

To support a project that expedites the sensitive siting of renewable energy projects through the development of federal and state energy and land management policies. 

National Wildlife Federation

Awarded: 2/28/2017

$1,162,000 over 3 years

To support a project focused on reducing the impacts of bioenergy development on wildlife, wildlife habitat and climate emissions. 

Regional Plan Association

Awarded: 2/1/2017

$100,000 over 1 year

To support the spatial analysis and policy report: "New Coastline: Ensuring Pathways for Tidal Wetland Migration in the New York Region."