African Health

Goals & Strategies

Population Health Implementation & Training (PHIT) Partnerships
Central to the Initiative is the establishment of large-scale Population Health Implementation & Training (PHIT) Partnerships that link implementation research and training directly to health care delivery.

In 2009, DDCF awarded four grants ranging from $8 million to $15 million each to support PHIT Partnerships working in Ghana, Mozambique, Rwanda, Tanzania and Zambia.

PHIT Data Collaborative
Research conducted by each PHIT Partnership will measure the impact of their interventions on reducing child mortality and other health outcomes, in addition to analyzing indicators of health systems performance. The partnerships participate in a data collaborative to share information and convene annually. The foundation is also committed to ensuring that relevant data and information collected by the partnerships be made available to the public. To achieve these goals, a PHIT Data Collaborative was established.

PHIT Partnership Implementation Research Framework
One of the main goals of the African Health Initiative is to improve health systems planning by providing strong evidence to the global health community as to what works and what doesn't when implementing large-scale, integrated primary healthcare. With that goal in mind, DDCF asked the Institute of Health Metrics and Evaluation to develop a common conceptual framework for implementation research for the purposes of AHI that would serve as the PHIT Partnership Implementation Research Framework.