African Health

PHIT Data Collaborative

Data Coordinator

The PHIT Data Collaborative is led by a central coordinating body known as the Data Coordinator. The Data Coordinator, led by Robert Black and Jennifer Bryce from the Institute for International Programs (IIP), Bloomberg School of Public Health, Johns Hopkins University, serves as a resource to ensure that each of the PHIT Partnerships collects a set of high-quality, standardized common measures, known as "core metrics." The Data Coordinator has a strong track record in external program evaluation and is well-linked to other complementary efforts at health systems strengthening. With their depth of experience, the Data Coordinator will also enable public access to PHIT Partnership data in a timely manner, help identify lessons learned across partnerships, promote the communication of research findings to the wider community and, when appropriate, coordinate PHIT Partnership data collection and analysis with efforts supported by other organizations.

PHIT Data Collaborative Concept Paper

As a core contribution to the African Health Initiative and the PHIT Partnerships' impact evaluation, the Data Coordinator, with input from the PHIT Partnerships, AHI staff and AHI advisors, drafted The Population Health Implementation and Training Data Collaborative Concept Paper Scope of Work. The concept paper, finalized in February 2011, aims to summarize the Data Collaborative plans for cross-site learning through the collection and analysis of data and supporting information. Specifically, the concept paper outlines and defines the core metrics that the teams will be collecting that cover inputs, outputs, outcomes and impact as well as the supporting documentation that provides essential information about implementation processes and relevant contextual information.

PHIT Data Collaborative Principles, Policies and Procedures

The PHIT Data Collaborative is guided by a set of Principles, Policies and Procedures drafted by AHI staff and approved by the PHIT Partnerships and the Data Coordinator. This document outlines the governance processes and guidelines for data submission, data sharing and data release.