Child Well-Being

Goals & Strategies


Beginning in late 2011, the Child Well-being Program (then called the Child Abuse Prevention Program) began a process of reflection, which led to a reframing of the program mission statement and the application of its goals. While the program has a continued commitment to the prevention of child maltreatment, the shifts reflect a new focus on child well-being as the primary desired social outcome.


To accomplish its goals, the Child Well-being Program favors a public health approach and is especially interested in place-based, whole-community approaches that seek to engage a range of participants from various disciplines to ensure that family well-being is supported by strong communities. To read further about the Program's reframed strategy, please see A New Vision for the Child Abuse Prevention Program, written by former Child Well-being Program Director Mary Bassett.

While the Program's strategic goals remain the same, please note that the program has revised the methods for how they will be achieved: