Medical Research

Clinical Research Continuum Frequently Asked Questions

For Students


Who is eligible to apply?

New grants are not being offered at this time. For more information on the 8 institutions currently implementing the Clinical Research Continuum (CRC) program, please click here.

What year of students are eligible to apply?

We encourage students at all levels to participate in this program where it is available. If you are a student at one of our awardee institutions or have previously completed the high school program and are now in college, please contact your respective institution for additional information.

At what year do most students participate in this program?

Within the high school component, most participants are juniors or seniors. Within the college component, most participants are freshmen and sophomores (who previously participated in the high school component).

How does DDCF define “clinical research”?

Clinical research is the scientific investigation of the etiology, prevention, diagnosis or treatment of human disease using human subjects, human populations or materials of human origin. Included in the definition are studies that utilize tissues or pathogens only if they can be linked to a patient. In keeping with the wishes expressed in Doris Duke’s will, the Medical Research Program does not fund research that uses animals.


How long is the CRC program?

The program takes place each summer. However, the length of the program varies across institutions. Please contact your respective institution for additional information.

Who do I contact if I have further questions?

If your question is not answered after reviewing the FAQ’s, email with “CRC” as the subject line. No phone calls please.


For Institutions

When is the next competition for schools interested in implementing the CRC program?

No competitions are being opened in the immediate future, but please sign up on our listserv to receive any updates about our grant programs.