Performing Arts


The mission of the Arts Program is to support artists with the creation and public performance of their work.

About Doris Duke and the Arts

In her will, Doris Duke expressed her interest in assisting “actors, dancers, singers, musicians and other artists of the entertainment world in fulfilling their ambitions and providing opportunities for the public presentation of their arts and talents.” Given this guidance and Doris Duke’s interests during her life, the foundation focuses its support on contemporary dance, jazz and theater artists, and the organizations that nurture, present and produce them.

Initiatives & Strategies

Funding Opportunities

MAP Fund
Network of Ensemble Theaters Travel & Exchange Network

Chamber Music America Presenter Consortium for Jazz

The Arts Program primarily distributes its support through grants administered by intermediary organizations. To see the full list of future opportunities available through these organizations, visit each of the initiatives in the Arts Program's Initiatives & Strategies section.