Performing Arts

Initiatives & Strategies


The Arts Program's current strategy has three complementary components:

  • Artistic Creation & Distribution – Through national competitive initiatives administered by intermediary organizations, the foundation supports commissioning, production and presentation of new work in each of its fields of interest (contemporary dance, jazz, theater and related interdisciplinary work). Typically these re-granting programs offer additional benefits to supported artists, including professional development, networking opportunities and participation in conferences and other meetings. With the exception of the Theater Commissioning and Production Program (now in pilot phase and by invitation only), all other initiatives are administered by intermediary organizations.
  • Support for Organizations – To complement its support for artistic creation and distribution, the Arts Program works to build strong jazz, dance, presenting and theater organizations. Through competitive initiatives the foundation offers grants to support bold, innovative approaches to build audiences and demand for the arts. With the exception of the Building Demand for the Arts Program, all other grant programs in this strategy are administered by intermediary organizations.
  • National Sector Building – Recognizing DDCF's role as a national foundation, the Arts Program supports activities that will build strong national performing arts fields. The Arts Program directly supports national organizations critical to the health of contemporary dance, jazz, presenting and theater, as well as national projects that have the potential to improve the health of a given field.
  • Unrestricted Support for Artists – The foundation aims to strengthen the system of unrestricted artist support through two complementary initiatives that increase opportunities for such support for individual artists working in the fields of jazz, dance, theater and related interdisciplinary areas.