Performing Arts

Artistic Creation and Distribution


To support projects, organizations and artists creating innovative, new artistic work.


The Arts Program supports innovative projects and artists in dance, jazz and theater through national, competitive initiatives that are funded by DDCF and administered by intermediary organizations.

In addition to supporting the creation of a particular work, DDCF-funded initiatives typically support residencies, touring of new work, grantee meetings and/or professional development opportunities for artists.

Details about grant opportunities available for individual artists and projects through DDCF-funded initiatives can be found on the pages linked below:

To receive funding, individual arts organizations and artists must apply to the intermediary organizations that administer DDCF-funded initiatives. The foundation does not make grants directly to producing or presenting organizations or to individual artists under this component of the Arts Program's strategy.

Background & Rationale

At the center of the Arts Program's strategy is support for artists in creating new work. In her will, Doris Duke expressed her interest in assisting "actors, dancers, singers, musicians and other artists of the entertainment world in fulfilling their ambitions and providing opportunities for the public presentation of their arts and talents." Given this guidance and Doris Duke's interests during her life, the foundation focuses its support on contemporary dance, jazz and theater artists, and the organizations that nurture, present and produce them.