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Doris Duke Building Demand for the Arts

Overview of Doris Duke Building Demand for the Arts

The Doris Duke Building Demand for the Arts grants (formerly called Doris Duke Artist Residencies to Build Demand for the Arts grants) support organizations and artists in joint efforts to develop audience demand for jazz, theater and/or contemporary dance. While many programs focus on the supply side of the supply/demand equation, this program is predicated on the belief that artists and organizations can work together in imaginative ways to create and pilot methods of reaching the public and developing interest in and access to the performing arts. This program encourages creative thinking about how to increase this demand and to engage communities in new ways—which may include but are not necessarily limited to the traditional artist-audience dynamic.

These grants also promote deeper partnerships, longer relationships, and new kinds of conversation and cooperation between organizations and artists. At the same time, they provide substantial resources to artists and afford organizations the opportunity to embark on new kinds of behavior.

Grants will support attempts by exemplary artists and organizations to increase demand for jazz, theater and contemporary dance. Artists and organizations must have a prior history of working together and will mutually conceive the proposals.

After the first round in 2013, the program was divided into two distinct grant initiatives: Exploration Grants, supporting hosted visits for artists of at least 30 days over a period of up to 15 months during which artists and organizations are to begin to imagine and plan ways to build demand; and Implementation Grants, supporting artists hosted by organizations for at least 90 days over a period of up to three years. Each grant type has its own separate and distinct guidelines found below.

Exploration Grant Guidelines

Implementation Grant Guidelines

Building Demand for the Arts Background Document


Building Demand for the Arts grants will support at least 50 partnerships between artists and dance companies, theaters, presenting organizations and/or select service organizations. Grants were awarded to the first 10 partnerships in 2013 under the program's previous name, Doris Duke Artist Residencies to Build Demand for the Arts.


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