Child Well-being

Strengthen & Expand the Capacity of Existing Systems

Through its grant making, the Child Well-being Program aims to strengthen and expand the capacity of existing systems that provide culturally appropriate and context-specific programs for larger populations of vulnerable parents and children.

Children and families living in situations that expose them to trauma, violence, abuse and neglect often also suffer from inequalities that persist through generations, resulting in a perpetual cycle of poverty, violence, and poor physical and mental health. Many of these vulnerable children and families lack the essential supports and resources that enable them to live full, healthy and happy lives. By strengthening the ability of existing social service systems to better serve populations where risk of child maltreatment and poor outcomes is especially high, the needs of more individuals can be effectively and efficiently met.

The following are examples of organizations and activities that DDCF supports under this strategy: 

(Please see DDCF’s Grant Recipients database for more examples.)