Environmental Stewardship in the Tri-State Area

In addition to being home to a majority of Americans, urban areas in the United States feature some of the most creative environmental efforts underway. The Doris Duke Charitable Foundation is fortunate to be headquartered in a particularly vibrant location – the greater New York City area – that features a number of cutting-edge efforts to help people live more efficiently and lightly on the land. Consistent with its emphases on wildlife habitat conservation and efficient built environments, and a growing focus on connecting people living in urban areas with the environment, the Environment Program uses a small portion of its resources to support innovative environmental projects in the Tri-State area.


Below are our approaches to achieving the above objectives:

  • Support exemplary green projects and policies that improve the built and natural environment of New York City. Grants support ambitious efforts undertaken by New York City and nongovernmental organizations to reduce energy consumption in the building sector. In addition, our "urban greening" efforts focus on protecting natural areas in the five boroughs, as well as promoting green infrastructure that can help the City achieve its ecological goals and build resiliency. Representative grants under this strategy include support for the NYC Energy Efficiency Corporation and the NYC Natural Areas Conservancy.
  • Support a sustainable agriculture system in the Tri-State area that benefits people and wildlife. Grants support a sustainable food system in the New York City "foodshed" (i.e., areas such as the Hudson River Valley and northern New Jersey). We focus on training new farmers and promoting organic, regenerative, wildlife-friendly, and resilient farming practices. For example, we are supporting the launch of a Hudson Valley farm business incubator through a grant to Glynwood. We also work to ensure that farmers have access to critical infrastructure they need to succeed, including the best regional farmland. Examples of our grantmaking in this area include a grant to launch Greenmarket Co., a grant to Scenic Hudson to create a regional foodshed conservation plan, and a grant to American Farmland Trust to launch the Hudson Valley Farmlink Network.