Grant-making Process

The Environment Program awards grants through invited proposals and the occasional funding competition. Funding opportunities may also be available through organizations administering re-granting programs supported by the foundation.

All the Environment Program's land capital funds are distributed through re-grant competitions administered by regional conservation organizations. The foundation does not make direct grants for land acquisition projects. Visit our Funding Opportunities page to find out about any open re-grant competitions.

Although unsolicited proposals are not being considered at this time, inquiries about future support for projects that fall within the Environment Program's four primary grant-making strategies can be submitted through a letter of inquiry.

Areas Not Funded

In general, the Environment Program does not make grants outside of its four primary grant-making strategies:

In addition:

  • Funding is limited to the United States and projects located therein.
  • Construction capital for green building projects is not available.
  • The foundation does not support projects that focus on marine environments, toxics remediation, litigation, individual research or scholarships (apart from DDCF initiatives), publications or filmmaking.