Medical Research

Physician Scientist Fellowship

The 2020 PSF competition is now closed. In its second year, the Medical Research Program has announced PSF awards to six subspecialty fellows


The Doris Duke Physician Scientist Fellowship program provides grants to physician scientists at the subspecialty fellowship level who are seeking to conduct additional years of research beyond their subspecialty requirement. The goal is to aid in the transition into a research faculty appointment.

Rationale & History

Physician scientists play a unique role in scientific discovery and advancement and must undergo extensive training towards successful careers in biomedical research. The Medical Research Program of the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation (DDCF) created the Physician Scientist Fellowship to provide subspecialty fellows with the opportunity to conduct additional years of research to enhance their skills and knowledge as a clinician investigator.

Award Details

The Physician Scientist Fellowship consists of $100,000 for annual direct costs plus $10,000 (10 percent) for annual indirect costs for two years. The priority of the Physician Scientist Fellowship program is to fund outstanding individuals with excitement for clinical research careers, whose projects will address highly significant research questions and lead to career advancement. DDCF does not have funding priorities for this fellowship based on disease area or research type.

In keeping with the wishes expressed in Doris Duke's will, experiments that use animals or tissues derived from animals, including cell lines, will not be supported by this program.

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