Medical Research

Definition of Clinical Research

Clinical research is defined as the scientific investigation of the etiology, prevention, diagnosis or treatment of human disease using human subjects, human populations (including health services and epidemiology) or materials of human origin. Included in the definition are studies that use tissues or pathogens only if they can be linked to a patient. Experiments that use non-human animals or any tissues derived from them, including established cell lines, must not be included in the proposed research.

It is expected that the research protocols of grant applicants will require Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval. Occasionally, DDCF has funded research that does not require IRB approval, such as research using de-identified patient populations. If a research project is being proposed that does not require IRB approval, applicants are strongly encouraged to contact DDCF program staff to discuss whether the proposed research falls within the DDCF’s definition of clinical research. Please email with questions regarding the eligibility of your research project.