Medical Research


To current grantees of the Medical Research Program:

We hope this message finds you safe and well amid these uncertain times. The Doris Duke Charitable Foundation Medical Research Program is paying close attention to the evolving conditions surrounding the COVID-19 virus – and, particularly, its immense impact on clinical research projects and the health care sector.

The Medical Research Program at the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation wants to help our grantees deal with the unprecedented impact of COVID-19 on their research programs. We will consider the following flexibilities on a case-by-case basis. Grantees should contact the Medical Research Program at to work out specifics. 

  • Report deadlines: Extension of deadlines for post-award progress and financial reports will be offered.
  • No-cost extensions: If a budget is predicted to be underspent at the end of a currently active no-cost extension because of the effects of COVID-19, a second no-cost extension will be considered. This will require filling out a brief form. If a grantee will be underspent at the regular end date of a grant, a no-cost extension will be offered as outlined in the grant agreement.
  • Salaries: Charges to DDCF grants for salaries will be allowed even though work by researchers, project directors and support staff may be curtailed by the effects of COVID-19.
  • Stipends: Stipend payments to fellows and trainees may be continued.
  • Travel and conference fees: Non-refundable travel costs and fees associated with grant-related travel that has been cancelled due to COVID-19 may be charged to the award.
  • DDCF-supported meetings: When DDCF-supported meetings are postponed or cancelled, non-refundable costs may be charged to the grant. Unused funds could be repurposed to cover other costs if needed.
  • Redirection of funds: If it would be helpful to redirect funds to new areas of work because of COVID-19 (e.g., reallocation to online conferencing or learning), please contact us to discuss.

Sincere regards,

The Medical Research Program staff --
Betsy Myers, Sindy Escobar-Alvarez and Karen Han