Performing Arts

Support for Organizations


The Arts Program works to build strong organizations that serve performing artists, particularly those in the fields of contemporary dance, jazz, theater and related multidisciplinary work.


The Arts Program provides funding to organizations through three separate strategies in an effort to bolster their effectiveness and success in serving performing artists. The Arts Program seeks diversity in geography, genre, race, ethnicity, religion, gender and ability in its funding and employs intermediary organizations to support this intention. 

  1. Core Support to National Arts Service Organizations
    *Applications are by invitation only.
    Provides core support to select national arts organizations and projects that are critical to the health of the dance, jazz, presenting and/or theater fields, in an effort to strengthen the sector and the variety of services available to artists.
  2. Leadership Grants for Arts Organizations
    *Applications are by invitation only.
    Supports the self-defined, long-term goals of organizations that have demonstrated excellence in and sustained commitment to the fields of dance, jazz and theater.
  3. Audience Engagement
    Provides support to efforts that maintain and grow audiences of contemporary dance, jazz and theater through three programs: Building Demand for the Arts, Dance/USA’s Engaging Dance Audiences and Theatre Communication Group’s Audience R(E)volution.

Intermediary Organizations

Working with intermediaries helps to further ensure that DDCF’s resources reach a racially, geographically and culturally diverse set of recipients. The following organizations administer programs that align with the Arts Program’s goals and strategies. For more information on these funding opportunities, grant seekers are encouraged to review information from the sources listed below on their respective websites and apply directly to the organizations in accordance with their guidelines.

Chamber Music America’s Presenter Consortium for Jazz

Supports presenters and festivals by connecting them professional jazz ensembles to perform live at each presenter’s venue.

National Performance Network's Creation & Development Fund

Supports the creation, development and mobility of new artistic work that advances racial and cultural justice and results in live experiential exchange between artists and community.

New England Foundation for the Arts' National Dance Project

A multi-faceted program that offers DDCF-supported grants for creation, production and touring of dance in the United States.

New England Foundation for the Arts' National Theater Project 

Supports creation and preparation for touring of devised projects.

Theatre Communications Group's Audience R(E)volution

Provides re-grants to TCG Member Theatres across the country to (Re)Model or (Re)Imagine successful audience engagement and/or community development models.