Performing Arts

Audience Engagement


The Arts Program supports efforts that help performing arts organizations maintain and grow audiences through direct grants and through its funding of intermediary funding partners. DDCF directly administers the Doris Duke Building Demand for the Arts program, described below. Intermediary organizations administer the latter program.

Administered by DDCF:

  • Doris Duke Building Demand for the Arts
    *Applications by Invitation Only
    The Doris Duke Building Demand for the Arts grants support organizations and artists in joint efforts to develop audience demand for jazz, theater and/or contemporary dance. This program is predicated on the belief that artists and organizations can work together in imaginative ways to increase this demand and to engage communities in new ways. These grants also promote deeper partnerships, longer relationships, and new kinds of conversation and cooperation between organizations and artists. DDCF conducted its final round of funding for this program in 2019.

Administered by Intermediary Organizations:

  • Theatre Communications Group's Audience R(E)volution:
    Offers TCG Member Theatres across the country to (Re)Model or (Re)Imagine successful audience engagement and/or community development models. To receive funding for this program, individual arts organizations and artists must apply to Theatre Communications Group directly.