Child Well-being


The mission of the Child Well-being Program is to promote children’s healthy development and protect them from abuse and neglect.

About Doris Duke and Child Well-being

Doris Duke took a special interest in the needs of children, supporting nearly 85 child welfare organizations during her life. In her will, Doris Duke expressed her interest in "the prevention of cruelty to children."

Goals & Strategies

Funding Opportunities

The Child Well-being Program awards grants by directly inviting organizations to submit proposals that are then reviewed by Doris Duke Charitable Foundation (DDCF) staff and/or the DDCF Board of Trustees. Although unsolicited proposals are not being considered at this time, inquiries about future support for projects that fall within the Child Well-being Program's grant-making strategies can be submitted through a letter of inquiry. Due to the volume of funding inquiries, the Child Well-being Program does not accept funding inquiries over the phone. For more information about our funding strategies, please visit the program’s Goals & Strategies section. 


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